Climb the career ladder from a lowly Field Intern to a Nobel Laureate!  

As you move up, you’ll need to play harder level AI opponents to keep earning Discoveries.  At higher levels, Discoveries can only be earned in Multiplayer matches.  


Multiplayer Bonuses

Multiplayer offers bonus discoveries to help climb the career ladder faster:

  1. Earn a Bonus Discovery for every human you beat in Matchmade Multiplayer 
  2. Earn a Bonus Discovery each day you play Matchmade Multiplayer
  3. Earn a Bonus Discovery for consecutive Multiplayer wins


Seasonal Tournament 

Once your reach Rank #9, Assistant Professor, you are in the Seasonal Tournament! 

Your rank is now floating and reflects your skill level.  You’ll still win Discoveries for defeating human opponents, but will lose Discoveries when you lose to human opponents.  You’ll never fall below rank #9 though.  

Your goal is to make it to Rank #1, Nobel Laureate, before Season end, and win the prestige and accolades of your peers, along with that Season’s exclusive Nobel Laureate Avatar.  If you make it to Rank Bucket #1, Nobel Laureate, you’ll keep it for the rest of the Season. You’ll also see your Global Elo Position against all other Evolution players.

At the end of each Season, a new tournament begins, with a new avatar to claim.  When the new Season begins:

All Players Rank #9 or better start the new season at Rank #9. 

All Players Rank #5 or better start the new season at Rank #6.

 Good luck, and adapt well!  




Field Intern- Beat any AI

Biology Student- Beat any AI

Graduate Student:   Beat any AI

Phd Candidate: Beat the Intermediate AI

Post Doctorate: Beat the Hard AI

Research Assistant:  Beat the Expert AI

Assistant Professor:  Multiplayer only, losses don’t count

Associate Professor:  Multiplayer only. Floating, can gain or lose Discoveries.  

Professor:  Multiplayer only, Floating, can gain or lose Discoveries

Nobel Laureate: Once reaching Nobel, you’ll stay there for the Season.  Your Raw ranking is also exposed.  


Monthly Seasons


Once reaching Associate Professor, you are in the Monthly Tournament! 


Your goal is to make it to Nobel Laureate before month end, and win the prestige and accolades of your peers.  

At the end of each month, players in the top of the career ladder reset to bottom of their rank:


All Associate Professors reset to Associate Professor 4

All Professors and Nobel Laureates reset to Associate Professor 1.  




Each level up grants a new Species Design, and auto updates your Species Design to the new one.   More rewards are coming in the future as well!  


Full Rank Ladder:

Rank Title Requirement
Rank 24 Field Intern Any AI
Rank 23 Biology Student  Any AI
Rank 22 Freshman Any AI
Rank 21 Sophomore Any AI
Rank 20 Junior Any AI
Rank 19 Senior Intermediate AI
Rank 18 1st Year Grad Student Intermediate AI
Rank 17 2nd Year Grad Student Hard AI
Rank 16 3rd Year Grad Student Hard AI
Rank 15 4th Year Grad Student Expert AI
Rank 14 Phd Candidate Expert AI
Rank 13 Ph.D. in Biology Multiplayer
Rank 12 Post Doctorate Multiplayer
Rank 11 Graduate Assistant Multiplayer
Rank 10 Teaching Assistant Multiplayer
Tournament Begins*
Rank 9 Assistant Professor  Multiplayer
Rank 8 Associate Professor  Multiplayer
Rank 7 Full Professor Multiplayer
Rank 6 Dept Chair Professor Multiplayer
Rank 5** Tenured Professor Multiplayer
Rank 4 University Professor Multiplayer
Rank 3 Endowed Professor Multiplayer
Rank 2 Distinguished Professor Multiplayer
Rank 1 Nobel Laureate Multiplayer
* Ranks 9 and lower are floating and can gain or lose rank. 
* Players 9 and lower start at Rank 9 when a new Season starts
* Ranks 5 or lower start at Rank 6 when a new Season starts.  
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