1,000-Game Giveaway Rules

North Star Games is giving away 1,000 copies of the Evolution board game over the first 100 days after the release of Evolution: The Video Game! Here is a helpful guide to the rules and parameters of the giveaway.

Entering the Giveaway

  • The first multiplayer game you play each day in Evolution: The Video Game enters you in a drawing to win a copy of the board game
  • Playing multiple games will not enter you in the drawing multiple times
  • It does not matter if you win the game, you will be entered regardless of score
  • No purchase is required: The one game per day that mobile users can play in the “sample” version of the game will count as an entry in the drawing
  • Players must have an account set up and linked to an email address in Evolution: The Video Game in order to be entered, as otherwise they will not be identifiable
  • You will not see a message or pop-up indicating your entry, but your account is entered in the drawing automatically when you play your first multiplayer game each day

Drawing the Winners

  • 10 winners will be chosen each day with a computer program that randomizes the entries
  • Winners’ Display Names (but no personally identifiable information) will be shared on Facebook each day
  • Winners will be notified that they have won via the email linked to their in-game account
  • If winners do not claim their prize, another winner will not be re-drawn

Redeeming the Prize

  • Winners will receive a unique coupon code that will reduce one copy of Evolution to $0.00 on the North Star Games shop site
  • Winners will still be responsible for the cost of shipping the game to wherever they live
  • Coupon codes cannot be redeemed at a retailer location
  • Coupon codes are unique and cannot be re-used
  • Prizes may take up to 3 weeks to process before they are shipped from our office
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