Version 1.0.6 (1530) Patch Notes

Features: Kickstarter Backers can now play games using the Promo Traits Insectivore, Timid, and Trampling in Single Player Quick Play and Private Multiplayer Games. Access them through the Options Menu in both Game modes. Private Games- Premium users are able to invite free users to play with them for free in Private Games.   Kickstarter...Read More

Changes to April Tournament with Version 1.0.5!

Good day, explorers! We've been listening to all kinds of user feedback about the Evolution ranking system, and as mentioned in our recent patch notes, we've made some changes to the rankings, how they're displayed, and how you're rewarded for gaining them. As you may already know, global ranks reset each month, encouraging players to...Read More

Server Update (March 12th)

An update to the server has been pushed and includes the following fixes: Fixed an issue on the Last Round that was improperly reshuffling the deck and led to one player not having the same cards on the server as it would with the other clients. This led to the final score not being correct…

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Version 1.0.4 (1365) Patch Notes

Features: New Quality Settings for Mobile Devices: Low Quality- 720p without animated plants and ambiance effects for performance on low end mobile devices. Normal Quality- 1080p resolution, without animated plants and background effects, will reduce power draw and overheating on Android devices High Energy- Includes animated plants and effects.  Looks the best but will use...Read More

Base Camp Field Report #1

Congratulations, Biologists, Base Camp is Open! We are so excited to announce the successful launch of Evolution : the Video Game!   On Tuesday, February 12,  (auspiciously, the birthday of Charles Darwin) Evolution hatched into the world with wobbly legs and bright eyes.  While Evolution did have a few stumbles, overall it has been an...Read More

Evolution Launch Date Announced

Adapting February 12th! The last few months have been especially exciting for our beta community, with the addition of rankings, simul-play, and campaign mode, but now there’s something to be excited for even if you’re not a beta tester: Evolution has set a public release date! On February 12th, 2019 you’ll be able to explore Evolution Island,...Read More
evolution video game ui main menu

Rankings are Live

See how you stack up! Rank up in Single Player or Multiplayer Climb the career ladder from a lowly Field Intern to a Nobel Laureate Earn new Species Designs as you rank up In a nutshell: Every win earns one Discovery (Singleplayer or Multiplayer) Four Discoveries earns a promotion Earn a Bonus Discovery for every...Read More
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