Evolution coming to Nintendo Switch!

The Evolution Board Game, the turn-based strategy game of adaptation from North Star Digital Studios, adapts to the Nintendo Switch™ ecosystem in early 2020.  To mark this event, the title is holding its biggest sale yet, with 40% off the game on the current platforms:  iOS,  Android and Steam.   Since its launch, the Evolution game...Read More

New Beta Starting: Challenges & Async Mode!

This is our biggest update to date, we’ve got two major features for you.  We’ll start them as a beta test to make sure they’re up to snuff before general release. Singleplayer Challenges & Leaderboard This a game mode with a unique objective to fulfill, that generally requires a different way to play.  For example, the…

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New Nobel Avatar is Here!

Greetings Explorers!  It’s another month and that means another four weeks to climb your way up the ranks to Nobel Laureate and unlock that super sweet new Species Avatar! For the month of September,  Nobel Winners will get the formidable Archaeopter-Rex!  We like to imagine this species like Archaeopteryx, except if he was… 7 metric…

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